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Default MSG: Contacting Server

I have been able to connect to ventrilo fine until the past 2 weeks...No matter what IP/Hostname i connect to I get the '? MSG: Contacting Server' error...I have applied all the suggestion that I have found by searching through dozens of help forums....I have tried turning off my Firewall, Port forwarding, triple checked IP/Hostnames and ports, uninstalling and reinstalling Ventrilo, restarting my router and computer... None of the methods worked, I Still get the same error '? MSG: Contacting Server'

Sorry to bother u people but I am tired of looking through forums to solve this problem. Please if anyone knows how to fix me a step-by-step method to fix it.

OS information:
I use a 15" MacBook Pro
Snow Leopard
Version 10.6.1

Image Before Connection


Image After Connection
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