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seagreen19 11-02-2017 09:23 PM

Cannot connect to server
Hi, I am fairly clumsy with all the technical details but have been using Ventrilo for some time with no issues. Then, one day, I just cannot connect to server, the problem has been going on for at least 3 days. I tested the server status and it indicated there is no response from the server. Are some of the servers down? Who do I alert to fix the problem? Any assistance would help. Thank you.

Prog-Rocker 11-03-2017 08:44 AM

can you provide us with your server information please (hostname/ipaddress) and we will try to find out what the problem is.

seagreen19 11-03-2017 03:34 PM

Problem solved
Thanks for linking me to light-speed. Problem is resolved!

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