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Spartaownz 09-17-2017 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by Omicron (Post 4501948)
Hear anything else about those private 4.0 servers?


Omicron 09-18-2017 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by Spartaownz (Post 4508510)

Yeah, you'd think we would have gotten some sort of answer by now.

Stevehix 09-21-2017 04:51 PM

So uh some quest
Thats normal for Vista. It gobbles up RAM like its job. Turn down some of the graphical aspects and you should see a drop in RAM usage.

Omicron 09-30-2017 04:13 PM

Alright, look, it's been long enough. A month is enough time to get a simple answer about at least getting a private server option.

Either post in here and tell us something, or I'm using this as direct confirmation of there are being no plans for individual servers anymore.

Fyi, this is one of the only ways to actually support the raw PCM codec - server hosters want nothing to do with this due to the bandwidth.

Jiji_ 11-15-2017 05:43 PM


Omicron 12-04-2017 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by Jiji_ (Post 4531024)

For those viewing this topic, there's not really much reason to use Ventrilo anymore - I'd recommend Mumble: Mumble supports better encryption, a much more intuitive UI, much lower voice processing latency, better voice quality, and it's completely free (allowing self servers, or you can still purchase hosting from places like Leetservers like you do for Ventrilo.)

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