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aardvarkfarm 12-08-2008 10:55 AM

Odd lag problems.
Last night I was experiencing some pretty serious Ventrilo lag issues--people were hearing things I had said 7-8 minutes previously. Reboots and even a reinstall of Ventrilo did nothing to help. My ping on both Ventrilo and my game were below 60 ms at all times throughout this. I'm running an older Mini with 10.4, but have never previously had any kind of issues to this extent (i.e., nothing a reboot couldn't fix).

Also, does anyone else have a bug where every time they join/switch servers, they have to reset sound output levels in System Preferences? I normally run at about 75-80% on the slider, but switching or joining servers knocks me down to about 25%. A minor annoyance, but if this is fixable I'd appreciate it.

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