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AltDimension 12-03-2007 03:40 PM

I've just been speaking to a Customer Support Representive for well just over an hour and he was able to CONFIRM that the problem is with VIRGIN SERVERS and NOT with Ventrilo.
Here is just a section of my long (and when I say long I mean very long) talk with the guy.

User (21:15):Do you see that ping?
User (21:15):1923
User (21:16):and then I get disconnected from ventrilo
User (21:17):
Adam (21:18):Ok, Ill take a look into this
User (21:18):
And you said about your keyboard hanging, could that be due to high ping also
Adam (21:18):
Ok, we are aware of an issue with ventrillo getting higher then normal pings.
User (21:19):
Is that your problem or ventrilo's problem?
Adam (21:19):Ours
Adam (21:20):
this is to do with our servers and ventrillo and we are looking into fixing that
User (21:20):
Well i'm glad that has been established
User (21:20):Ok and what about games with high ping
User (21:20):what can I do about that
Adam (21:21):
Ok, are those pings all the time?
User (21:21):Oh, yes
Adam (21:24):Ok, think if its all the time and has only been last few months then looks like its the same issue, its to do with the server response time to certain applications.
User (21:24):which is again virgins problem i'm guessing
Adam (21:25):
User (21:25):
So when will this sort of thing be fixed?
Adam (21:25):We are aware of it and Have a team loking at it
Adam (21:25):
not got a fix time for it yet, as soon as we do it will be on the status board
User (21:26):So can you see it being fixed by the end of the year maybe?
User (21:26):
Can you at least confirm the problem and put that on the status board, I know alot of people who are having this problem
Adam (21:26):
Not sure its gone to a much higher up department than I know. Hopefully yes but cant garentee it.
Adam (21:28):
They will put it on the status board as soon as they know more about the issue and can give a time scale
User (21:28):
Ok well thank you very much for all your help
User (21:29):I'm glad that I now know the problem
Adam (21:29):
Sorry couldnt be more help, but your welcome.
User (21:29):
Have a nice evening
Adam (21:29):
You too

The thing where I was talking about his keyboard hanging was beause he had to remotly access my system to run some tests.

DarkStarLLC 12-03-2007 03:46 PM

sounds like progress.

thorg23 12-03-2007 05:59 PM

good work people and id also like to appologise to any ventrilo staff on behalf of all the virgin costomers who complained about this and blamed you and the 3.0 release.

Dragnite 12-05-2007 11:06 AM

I wouldnt be so certain of that.

Look at all the complaints about virgin on this site

High pings have been apparent since they started the traffic shaping crap.

tgclan99 02-18-2008 05:12 AM

you buy that crap

Dude your ISP does not giving a Flying hoot aobut your network

ALL that the 'ISP does is look up and restart and trouble shoot they dont care if vent works or not they will just say contact the makers of that product

ISP ALL of them suck i have Verizon FIOS 20 MB plan when i call i have to wait for about 25 mins before any thing ever happens

start of convo

thank you for calling Verizon Tech Support this is ---- how can i help you

sir can you i access your account ?


can i have your name and last 4 digits on the account

thank you sir thanks for calling how can i help you

well my Verizon router wont let me open ports ? sir can you do this for me restart the router then plug it back in
ok hold on ..........
ok i did that all the lights are coming back on hold on
sir is there any thing elas i can do for you
..... umm we have not fixed the issues
sir we have reset the router every thing should be ok
umm ok ....
sir thank you for calling verzion Fios tech Support
dude hold on nothing works now ?
sir would you like me to send a tech out ?
umm no i have a job
sir there is nothing more i can do to help you i can send you to the payed support?
WHAT? i pay 125 FOR THIS CRAP ?
sir clam down
NO ? you tell me u cant help me fix a single Issue ?
sir we reset the router ?
yes i know that now nothing is working ?
sir can you hold.

sir sorry for the hold
ok sir there seems to be an outage in your area ?
o really ?
yes sir there is an outage in your area
ok .... i called for help on my ports my router was working fine when i called you why does it not work at all now?
sir there is and out age in your area
omg .... you keep saying the same stuff are you programmed to say it alll
no sir ... lol
well then I called my friend that lives next store and his net is up and running?
Sir you have an outage in your area!
No I don’t think you know what your talking about
Sir would you like a tech to come out ?
No were going to fix this or im going to contact your boss….
Ok sir
Ok so lets start all over
Ok sir
Router no opening ports –reset router nothing works …..
Sir I don’t know what to tell you im reading your router fine?
Wait you just said your reading my router fine ?
Yes sir
Well I thought there was an outage in my area which one is it ?
Sir ---hangs up

This is the support you get when you sign up with any isp this is with my current isp Verizon I have since then contacted them and no answer yet on this issue

AltDimension 03-29-2008 04:30 PM

Some Updates (Taken from other Virgin Thread)
Ok here a little update for all the people on Virgin Media.

I've just spoken to a Virgin Media tech support guy and he basically told me that Virgin Media is very much aware of the problem with Vent and Online games, and they do have a team working on it.

The reason that things are slow is becuase Virgin Media is the UK's largest broadband provider only small steps can be taken at a time. What the team working on the problem has to do each time is re-write parts of the software that runs virgin media boradband, this takes a lot of time and needs to be tested throughly (as some changes make only work for some people, it might compeltly break things for others). There is no ETA on the fix, however they are working on it.

The problem causing it is packet-shaping as it was introduced around the same time people started having problems, although virgin-media cannot turn this off becuase doing so will damage the network. The guy said that when fibre-optic cables are introduced across the network this may help things but he cannot be sure. He also couldn't tell me when virgin would be finished doing this.

All in all we are just going to have to sit it out. He did reccomend to me that if you are having that much trouble then contact billing and switch provider (but to be honest I can't be bothed to go through with all of that). Suggesting that this fix would take some time.

Sit tight.

And this has nothing at all to do with Vent 3.0, it was just bad timing really.

pnwright 06-03-2008 04:58 PM

A friend of mine uses virgin media and was finding similar troubles with latency issues, he then reconfigured the router to use a private DNS (basically a DNS that wasnt virgin media) and his troubles just disapeared. If your still having issues with latency and your on virgin media give that a try and see if it makes a difference.

snipez1992 08-15-2008 11:43 PM


i have virign broadband fibre optic i have the XL package (20mb) i get 5 ping on all UK server with coorect rates on all games that are connecting to uk servers, and as of ventrilo my ping never goes off 20ms and never has been even if im downloadign and plus there are 2 laptops and a desktop connected through the wireless and still it does not affect my ping i think t hat there is a issue with the wireing in ur areas beacse they newley rewired my area as i am the 1st custoemr in my area to buy from them and maybe thats why you lot are gaining high pings! i hope this helps, :)

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