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FrAG! 01-15-2013 08:59 PM

Razer Megalogon Static Issues

Im using a Mac 2011 end(i7 3.4ghz , 4gb 1333mhz ram, 2gb video card, 1tb HD) with a Razer Megalodon... i never had any issues with this headset except when im using ventrilo!

I just bought a server now, and when i connect and start to talk with other people the static on megalodon begins than after sometimes it crashes the headset, other times it came back normally for a couple minutes than after comes the static again.. i tried to disconnect all the usb devices and use only the megalodon, but it didnt work. i tried that solution beacause i saw some bandwitch problems with the usb port and stuff like that, but i dont have any idea how to control that usb`s bandwitch on mac(and i search a lot about it)

I made some tests and i saw this problem occurs only when im altking with other ppl.. if i wnet to the menu and try to talk on the test mdd, i had no problem, any solutions please!! I dont really wanna use windows on my mac or get a new headset.. i tried to use megalodon sound and mac microphone... but i got the same problem too.

Pleaseee help me!

Jaycyn 01-17-2013 02:23 PM


Here's a tip to fixing it 0000001&pnm=Razer+Megalodon&seid=400002730&pos=Win dows&top=Audio&rid=400001859

and here's a blurb about the issue as well

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