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Duskwood01 05-09-2009 10:04 PM

Client Gets Stuck On "Synchronizing" When Trying To Connect
I have a Mac and have downloaded and used the Mac Client in the past well. Now it just doesn't work, even though I know all the information is right (checked it a good 10 times now). It will connect, then just not do anything after getting to the "? MSG: Synchronizing." message. Once it just went back to "? MSG: Server Is Available. Click Connect." even though the Connect button read Disconnect. This doesn't make any sense at all. Please someone help.

Prog-Rocker 05-11-2009 09:34 AM

When Ventrilo gets stuck on synchronizing this usually indicates that something is blocking the connection on Port 6100 UDP. This can be caused by firewall/virus applications on the pc or the router’s firewall. As a test, try temporarily disabling the firewall on the pc and/or router to see if Vent can connect. Consult your product’s documentation and/or website for instructions.

(Some users have reported that power resetting the router while vent is synchronizing allows the data to pass thru)

Exit all Vents
In all firewall/virus apps, remove all references to vent in all sections and then either manually re-add it to all ‘allowed’ list or restart vent and let the firewall add it back in.

Try temporarily diabling SPI on the router (if available)

Also check the router manufacturer’s website for any firmware updates

As another test, hook the pc directly to the modem (or DMZ port if you have a modem/router combo). If vent is able to connect then the problem is probably with the router.

More info on router SPI and port 6100 -

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