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aemaddox85 06-27-2013 04:13 PM

Problem with Vent and New Logitech h390 USB mic. Help!
I just purchased a Logitech H390 usb mic and I am having trouble with Vent. It keeps freezing and will not work when World Of Warcraft is open. Also, I change the volume settings in Setup and it doesn't stick. As soon as I hit ok, it goes right back to what it was before I changed it. It's not playing sound through the headphones and the PTT button will click on but when I depress the key, it doesn't stop. My icon on Vent stays green and I can't hear anyone else. It works just fine with my internal microphone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Prog-Rocker 06-27-2013 04:22 PM

oh snap, i didn't notice this was the mac forum.

aemaddox85 06-27-2013 07:07 PM

Thanks for the quick response! I have a Mac Book Pro. Do you happen to know how I would fix it on the Mac OS?


Originally Posted by Prog-Rocker (Post 1377228)
first, make sure the output/input devices in vent setup/voice-binds-speech tabs are set to enable 'use directsound' and the name in the dropdown box is set to logitech


Disabling non-essential Audio Devices - Vista/Windows-7

Windows Control-Panel > Sound > Playback & Recording tabs > rt-click in the window and select "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices" > rt-click on all unused devices and select "disable"


If you are running Vista/Windows-7/8 and Push-To-Talk, try setting both Vent and any online game to ‘Run As Administrator’ (rt-click their icon / properties / compatibility tab / privilege level) or (rt-click their icon and select 'Run as Adminitrator')


if you still have problems then post the following:

rt-clik in vent window > view > log file > scroll to bottom and look for any error messages



Start > Run

Click the 'Save All' button
File is saved to the desktop as "DxDiag.txt"
Copy/paste the information (up to, and including, the [PS/2 Devices] section) to the forum. The information might have to be separated into multiple posts due to the maximum character limitation.

Prog-Rocker 06-28-2013 05:28 PM

do you have any other usb devices installed?

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