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Degasivne 12-29-2009 06:27 PM

All .wav files missing
--Sorry if this has already been posted, I couldn't find it in the forums anywhere after posting it so I'm reposting in hopes of it showing up.--

Following a wipe on my macbook pro I have reinstalled Ventrilo and find that I cannot get the event sounds to appear.

I have checked the troubleshooting, and previous threads, but they all refer me to files under /Library/Preferences/Ventrilo/wav which doesn't exist on my computer.

In the setup for events, the defaults are getting directed to /Library/Preferences/Ventrilo/

I cannot play this file as a preview when choosing sounds either. I'm not sure what to do and I really would love any help. Thanks very much.

On a side note, I tried repairing disk permissions as someone suggested that in a previous thread and that did not solve the problem.


I checked the log, all wav files show up with the name 'missing' and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ventrilo, it had no effect.

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