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Wesleya 07-18-2012 02:45 PM

Custom user profiles in combination with chan admin/auth
Hello there,

I have been a user of ventrilo for a long time now and since a few months admin for our guild ventrilo server. Recently I started working with user accounts instead of having everyone logon as guests and protect channels with various amounts of passwords. And I have a question regarding the creation of custom user profiles.

As it is now you can only customize which checkboxes to be checked or unchecked. But would it be possible to also let the custom profile load up which channels are under the 'Current' box in both the 'Chan admin' and 'Chan auth' tab?

I ask this because we are starting to become a community, where people play either guildwars or world of warcraft or league of legends etc. And I want certain channels to be private to the people that play that game (for example a raiding channel for the world of warcraft guild). Of course I could just edit the different users manually, but it would be a great if it was something that could be stored in a user-profile.

With kind regards,


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