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Galletaz 09-14-2011 09:54 AM

Regarding the windows xp client via bootcamp
Hey, ive been trying to make my microphone work, posts and there was this one post ( [] ) that helped me, i can actually hear my voice (really deep though like "darth vader") on the testing hardware option and my green sound icon keeps getting stuck till i hit the setup option, even stuck no one can hear me ( i talk once they hear me talk like darth vader then it stucks and no one hears me afterwords.

(Your sound input device has stopped sending data to the Ventrilo client. Please verify that your sound drivers are up to date, that you have selected the correct sound input device and that it is properly attached to your computer. USB microphone devices can come loose and some sound cards will shutdown the input port if your microphone is not properly connected to the sound card.)

Thats the message i keep getting on the "Error message list on vent"... i really wish you could help me out!.

Thank you for your time

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