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Darkstream 04-12-2007 01:16 PM

Other groups Vent channels
I know for a mac you have to be set to Speex for it to work, my whole problem is, play warcraft alot and to go into another guilds vent doesn't work for me since majority have theirs set differently..also rather difficult to tell everyone to reset their setup for one any other suggestions or am i out of luck on this one? Had a few invites to run stuff and I know I wouldn't hear them.

wadesworld 04-12-2007 01:48 PM

If you have an Intel-based Mac and run Parallels or VMWare with Windows, you can use that as a temporary solution to connect to Windows-only Ventrilo servers until the next major release of Ventrilo. (No, we don't know when the release will be and the developer is not going to tell us).

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