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Biggsis 11-19-2008 07:29 AM

Ventrilo for Mac is a Memory Bloating Monster !!!
On my Mac Mini, Leopard 10.5.5 (I have another Mac with 10.5.4 where is the same), 2GB Memory, whenever I would like to use Ventrilo (3.01) after some minutes, Ventrilo virtually uses ALL the memory.
Being a programmer myself, looks like a HUGE memory leak to me.
In order to prove this, i made a little screen capture movie for the developers using activity monitor and Ventrilo.
Within the 1 minute the movie is running, Ventrilo bloats to an incredible Memory usage of nearly 800 MB (!!!), only in 1 Minute, just by pressing the PTT button a couple of times.
I wanted to use Vent together with World of Warcraft, but this is simply not possible, since after some minutes WoW is practically not responding anymore due to the fact, that Ventrilo uses nearly all the memory of the system, swaping in and out with WOW, which makes WOW unplayable.
Anyway, this issue would need to be fixed, it can not be, that a simple voice application bloats so much memory.

The memory bloat occurs no matter, if PTT is activated or voice sensivity. Whenever Ventrilo "transmits", the bloat occurs massively.

My configuration is:

Mac Mini Intel with 2GB Mem, Leopard 10.5.5 latest -OR-
Mac Book with 2 GB, Leopard 10.5.4, happens on both computers.

I am using a Plantronics USB Headset, but borrowed a friends Samsung USB Headset with the same result.

To see the screen capture movie that I made, look here:

Maybe the developers know something about this or can help.



sanctus petrus 11-19-2008 10:08 AM

Intersting. I have always heard from people that Ventrilo gives you much less lag than Teamspeak. But maybe this is different if you are using a Mac.

Flagship 11-19-2008 12:13 PM

A few people have reported this behavior but I have never seen it my self nor has any my reliable sources. I'll assume it's a bug in the program but if I can't duplicate it it makes fixing next to impossible.

But if you say it only consumes memory during transmit that at least gives me a starting point.

I was going to work on the Mac version today so I'll make that the first priority.

Biggsis 11-19-2008 08:59 PM

As I said, if you disable outgoing voice communication, the bloat does not occur. Only if you transmit something (Even if you dont talk and just press the PTT key), then the bloat starts immediately.



Flagship 11-19-2008 10:31 PM

Are you running any 3rd party products on your system? Anything sound related?

Biggsis 11-20-2008 05:02 PM

Nope, not running any 3rd party sound software. I have however Garage Band installed. Has that something to do with it?


Flagship 11-21-2008 02:42 PM

Do you have GarageBand open when using Ventrilo? If so, does the memory leak go away if GB is closed?

What do you have ventrilo configured for as the sound input device. Is it built-in line or a some kind of USB device?

Biggsis 11-22-2008 04:31 PM

Garageband is NOT open whenever I use Ventrilo. The only open apps are WOW and Ventrilo, eventually Firefox. The Audio Device (as stated above) is a Plantronics USB Headset, that works flawlessly in Windows and OS X.


Prog-Rocker 11-22-2008 07:14 PM

unable to duplicate this on OSX 10.4.11, plantronics usb headset.

Biggsis 11-23-2008 04:17 AM

It does not do this on every Mac (I presume then the programmer would know), but at least on the 2 Macs I have.
Tried it on a Mac of a friend, there it does not do this, runs like a charm. The friend btw has as well 10.5.5 like I have, while you tried it on Tiger, not Leopard, that might be a BIG difference.

Anyway, as you clearly can see in the screen video (thank god i was able to make this), the evidence is there, it bloats until you stop it. And of course I am not the programmer, so i don't know, what the problem is.
But I am willing to try everything to assist. And as (whatever his name is, the developer of Ventrilo... are you people afraid to talk with you real name nowadays???) states, he has reports of several people having the same problem, so it IS real.


Henri (That IS my real name)

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