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senlui 12-03-2005 04:53 AM

I get a protocol error. Need Help
Hello All,

I just tried connecting up to vent for the first time. I get an error that says the following:

"Protocol error. Server is running version 2.1.2"

Just so you have a bit back ground. I am running this on a Mac (OSX 10.4). The verion of vent is 2.3.2.Prototype.6

Thanks for any help ^_^

wadesworld 12-03-2005 11:48 AM

Server version = 2.1.2
Client = 2.3.2

I think you need to upgrade or server to 2.3.1.


titansniper 12-04-2005 03:25 AM


titansniper 12-04-2005 03:25 AM

You cannot use an old version of ventrilo in most cases to connecti t

titansniper 12-04-2005 03:28 AM

You cannot use old versions of Ventrilo to connect to new servers and vice versa. When Ventrilo went "version 2.3" [Latest] , ALL previous versions of Ventrilo have to be removed and the only version that can be used is 2.3 for that server. The message you got simply tells you that your server is out of date. Tell the admin of that server you are going to connect to that he really needs to get the newest version. Isnt there a legal tandum in Ventrilo's download statement prohibiting use of older versions and distribution thereof?? Hmmmm ;)

senlui 12-04-2005 07:36 AM

Cool .. thanks heaps for the info guys ^_^

I will get onto the administrator and hopfully get them to update it.

Thanks again.

gramathy 12-13-2005 11:03 AM

No, I'm pretty sure it's part of the liscencing agreement that hosts are required to use the latest version. It has to do with the fact that the server software is licensed and not bought.

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