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Insignificance 02-08-2009 01:50 PM

Installer permissions bug
There's a bug in the installer package for 3.0.4 that sets the permissions on the wav files incorrectly:

They're being set to be readable only by user 501, and completely inaccessible to other users. My user account just happens to be a different uid than 501, so without manually adding read permissions or changing the owner of /Library/Preferences/Ventrilo/wav/* I don't get any UI sounds from ventrilo.

The permissions on those directories and files should be read+write for everyone, I'd imagine, or at the very least readable for everyone.

Most users are probably using account uid 501 so don't see the problem... but there must be some folks out there with either multiple local accounts or nonstandard uid on their primary accounts. :)

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