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NaT3z 12-28-2011 05:57 AM

Cannot hear people or change codec in Vent
I just started using my Mac on this server. The channels I am trying to speak in have Speex codec so I should be able to hear, but I cannot hear other people. I am using the Macbook so I have no alternative audio options (my earphones are not a separate device). I thought perhaps it had something to do with the Codec in my Vent settings being set to GSM which I know is not Mac compatible, but then Speex should be the codec in use since it is the codec for the channels I am in.

People can hear me but I cannot hear them. Other Vent sounds work such as TTS, changing channels, joining vent etc. Anybody got any experience with problems like this?

ps. NO, I do NOT have "Mute sound" checked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Prog-Rocker 12-31-2011 10:24 AM

in vent setup, what is the 'sound output' device set to?

when others are talking, what color is their icon?

Jaycyn 01-02-2012 02:33 PM

Are you saying that when you are logged into the vent server and in the 'Speex' channel, you Click the Settings button in Vent and the codec is set to GSM?

In your System Preferences->Sound preference->Input Tab, what is Sound Input set to? Internal Microphone? If so, is the input Volume level set to about 1/2 way between the two microphones?

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