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Udprince 09-29-2010 09:20 AM

Can't hear anything on Vent
Dear Ventrilo Users,
I registered to the forum, since I have a problem with my Ventrilo 2.1.4 client. I have Windows XP and I can't hear anything on Vent, but others can hear me perfectly. First when I was on Vent I could hear everything perfectly, but after buying a new headset(TnB Headset) once suddenly I couldn't hear anything, I am not sure if I could hear vent with it, but after that Vent wasn't working with my loudspeaker either... I just don't know what the problem could be, please help me :( A prompt answer would be appreciated:D
Respectfully yours,
A Vent user

Support @ 09-29-2010 11:24 AM

I would strongly suggest upgrading to the latest Client Version of ventrilo by clicking the Download link on the homepage here at Next, you may want to test your Headset using the Setup menu in ventrilo, or Windows Sound Recorder to be sure that your microphone is not defective and is indeed functional. Also make sure that you have the Input and Output Device set as "Default Direct Sound Device". Once you have done that, let us know if you still have any issues.

Udprince 09-29-2010 12:02 PM

Thank you for the quick reply, Mute Sound was crossed....
So problem solved:D
Thank you again!

Support @ 09-29-2010 12:55 PM

Not a problem at all. I'm happy to hear that the issue was resolved!

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