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MadWacker 06-07-2008 12:20 PM

I am having similar issues. I am using an HP Pavillion dv9774ca Notebook PC. I do not have a G15 keyboard.

Whenever I connect to a channel my computer hangs,
whenever I click on setup my computer hangs.

I'm running vista with SP1. The only things hooked up are a microsoft mouse (however, the problem persists regardless if there is a mouse).

Prog-Rocker 06-09-2008 08:51 AM

Mad -
make sure the soundcard driver is up to date
in vent setup/binds/speech tabs, set devices to soundcard in use

MadWacker 06-09-2008 08:07 PM

Made sure that my sound drivers were up to date, and set my devices to use those drivers. The problem persists

DTKFL 06-12-2008 06:48 PM

I get the same thing, Even after unistalling teh client reinstalling to a differant location. Vent is picking up my old settings, So this shows it will not unistall totally, Does anyone know where the registray files for this is? Mine locks for about 30 seconds even when changing settings. I also get occasional error :mad:
VoiceCommMixerStart: Init failed: Failed to get mixer device caps.

Quyx_ 06-16-2008 01:29 PM

I am also experiencing the same problem as many of the laptop users. I use a HP Pavilion dv9000, so similar to MadWacker and Fascion's setups. Whenever I connect/close/open setup I experience severe lag for approximately 15 seconds upon connection, and upwards of 30 seconds when I try to open the setup menu. However, as Flagship stated when I disable the output communication I connect much faster, yet everything else is still lagging.

Prog-Rocker 06-16-2008 07:26 PM

Starting From Scratch

exit vent
goto START/RUN and enter: %appdata%\ventrilo

right-click on ventrilo2.ini and select “Rename”
give the file a different name
restart vent

re-enter your username and server information

MadWacker 06-17-2008 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by Prog-Rocker (Post 111911)
Starting From Scratch

exit vent
goto START/RUN and enter: %appdata%\ventrilo

right-click on ventrilo2.ini and select “Rename”
give the file a different name
restart vent

re-enter your username and server information

Unfortunately, this did not fix any of my problems.

purplekiller 06-19-2008 10:25 PM

i am also having the same problem.. Hp laptop with vista also.

it just started the other day. so i don't know what the deal is...

since there seems to be a lot of others with this issue something must have been changed that is causing havoc with us.

I've been using vent for 2 years now and this is the worst i've ever seen. It locks up when i log in. It will not allow me to hit my key to talk.. so i can't even talk.. I can hear though.. and when i go into settings it locks up again. and when i try to run the test in the settings window it freezes and doesn't test.

so either something got messed up with ventrilo or windows... because this is BS and never happened before and I never changed a thing

AwaKening 06-27-2008 08:29 PM

Similar problem. Sometimes it hangs on start, and most times it slows the whole computer down while it's open. I noticed when going to my task manager that there is a process which is opening with Ventrilo called WLLoginProxy.exe. If I stop that task, everything runs great again.

Why is Ventrilo running that task? It never used to.

HunterZ 07-02-2008 07:50 PM

Experiencing the same thing. Windows XP SP3, Dell XPS M1730, SigmaTel C-Major HD Audio, external Logitech G15 keyboard.

Whenever I would select a binds preset, open the setup menu, connect to a server, etc, I get a 15 second hard freeze of my computer (weird since I have a dual core system). Whoever suggested it might be G15-related was on to something; I unplugged my G15 while Ventrilo was running and the freezing stopped. It also didn't come back when I plugged it back in while Ventrilo was still running.

It seems that there's an issue with the way Ventrilo deals with either having two keyboards connected or having two Logitech LCDs active (one built into the laptop, one in the G15) when Ventrilo is launched.

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