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Buckshot 03-31-2007 10:28 PM

Router issue also
I can't seem to get my friends do connect to me and they are in the same boat setting up the server from their computers. I started with the 192.168 IP address and it didn't seem to work. then I tried the and got another address and it was a 68.238... number and I had my friends try that, the still said that they couldn't access the server. I shut down the software and brought it up again and had them try to connect with the same result. what am i doing wrong to get them connected?

evolvedrs 04-01-2007 01:23 PM

Anyone outside your network is not going to be able to use an internal address. eg 192.168.x.x. This range of addresses is not to be used on the internet. The 68.238.x.x address is the one you use.

Second, what happens when your router gets a request to access service on port 3784??? It doesn't know what to do with it unless you tell it. eg port forward, or dmz. Basically, you tell your router to forward these requests for vent to the pc running the server.

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