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splash99 06-13-2013 06:40 AM

PTT key combinations possible?
On the Windows version of Vent it's possible to use multiple key combinations as a PTT button. On the Mac version it will accept only one key (there's no equivalent of "Use Direct Input to detect Hotkey" checkbox). Is there a way to be able to set a key combination in the Mac Client?

(NB: It's not that I want to complicate things with multiple key combos, just that my wife has a new gaming keyboard with macro keys and wants to use a conveniently positioned macro key as her PTT button and the only way to get Vent to recognise it as a PTT button is to map a macro to a standard key on the Qwerty panel).

Any ideas much appreciated.

Prog-Rocker 06-13-2013 06:49 AM

what's the make/model of the gaming kybd?

splash99 06-13-2013 06:50 AM

SteelSeries APEX [RAW]

anbowen 06-13-2013 02:07 PM

How can I install on MAC, I am currently using windows.

Prog-Rocker 06-15-2013 08:08 AM

sorry for taking so long but i had to borrow a logitech g110 keyboard.

mapping a key is the only option. but using the 'bindings' option you can also set a secondary ptt key.

in bindings > new > create new name > add > select key using 'ptt advanced' > select 'current channel' > clik OK

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