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konabean 02-24-2009 04:05 PM

need info re: new set up vista to ventrilo
hi I have never set up Ventrillo onto my cpu. can anyone tell me what the ip address designation in setup does to the system operation? The Vent notes gives an IP address to use but also says it may change and thus needs to be changed on my CPU ever so often. If so how does one do this? As you can tell I am a novice on computer stuff.

Also, I don't have a mic and only speakers is this a problem ???
what mic set up do you recommend ? thxs!!

mjgraf 02-24-2009 04:38 PM

if you do not have a mic, you will be able to listen only.
there a lot of choices for mic. I would recommend a headset. but if you want to use your desktop speakers, they make some decent boom mics.

Prog-Rocker 02-24-2009 04:48 PM

the ipaddress entered in the server setup area is the address of the vent server you wish to connect to. the client is able to connect to any number of servers which means different addresses may be entered.

if you don't have a mic then you will not be able to speak to others. you will be able to hear others since you have speakers.

most mic's should work but it really depends on what soundcard you're going to use.

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