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Rs2lord 11-08-2008 08:47 PM

Need GSM 6.10 Download link...
I've been trying to find how to be able to talk & listen in/on Ventrilo for months. I can easily get in and switch rooms, I just can't hear other people talking, or even talk myself! There is a problem with like the Speex Codec... I need to download GSM 6.10 for it to work I think. I really don't want to beg my server administrator to make it work, because he says it will lower the like sound quality for all PC users!

I think the only way for this to work (on my Mac) is to download GSM 6.10... If you have any other info, or even better a download link for GSM 6.10, then please post! Thankyou very much!!! :cool:

wadesworld 11-08-2008 11:33 PM

There is no GSM download.

You have to have the administrator of the server change the server to Speex and reboot it. That is the only fix.

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