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jesman0 03-09-2006 10:52 PM

Voice Distortions
Our server is running speex at quality 18. Mac users and most all PC users enjoy clear communication

However, there are a few people, namely our guild leader, who will sort of fizzle out when they start talking. The transmission ends with a pop sound. No one can understand what they are saying. I reiterate that 95% of everyone else is fine, just a few people have troubles. I would say, average, there are about 40 people in one channel at a time.

Should i try moving the codec quality up or down? Is there anything I can do to help these folks talk clearly? Its only PC users that have problems.

Flagship 03-10-2006 12:32 AM

If he is on windows make sure he has 2.3.2.Beta.3 installed.

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