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wolfharper 10-31-2006 01:30 AM

Reducing volume of robot voice?
The robot voice that announces arrivals and departures is MUCH louder than voice chat. . I would like to adjust the volume of the robot voice relative to voices on channel.

No, silencing the robot voice is not what I want :) I want to hear about arrivals and departures, just not loudly.

mjgraf 10-31-2006 09:02 PM

in setup > Speech
there is a volume slider

wolfharper 11-01-2006 10:23 PM

It's already at 0 :( and still the robot voice is too loud

mjgraf 11-01-2006 11:21 PM

post a screenshot of your speech tab please

wolfharper 11-08-2006 11:01 PM
Tried the volume setting at low, high and middle, and seems to have no effect on the loudness of the "Foo has joined the channel" announcements.

Another weird thing was I turned off the ... well, here...
I changed "Users switch channels" from "Text to speech" to "Nothing" and still got it.
"Users connect to server" is set for "custom wave" yet I get the text-to-speech.

mjgraf 11-09-2006 08:08 PM

odd, I just tested the TTS volume and it works fine.
what is your output device?

wolfharper 11-09-2006 09:03 PM

Vent setup, voice page, sound output is "Default".

I either use the iMac's built in speakers, or if I expect to be talking I'll plug headphones into the back port of the iMac (to avoid feedback).

I use the internal mic in the iMac.

mjgraf 11-09-2006 11:13 PM

it should work, not sure what could be the problem.
i'm running a macmini
what version of the client are you running?

wolfharper 11-13-2006 03:01 AM

mjgraf - I'm running Ventrilo 2.3.2.Prototype.14 (Darwin-powerpc)

DrTheFunk: You just told me how to turn the robot voice OFF. I don't want that. I want it on, just quieter. Though, your packet thing is cool.

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